The International Cultural-Educational Association (ICEA) hosted a group of Ukrainian law professionals who participate in a program that was conducted during May 13-20, 2018 in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto, Japan.

The program objective was to introduce Ukrainian legal professionals to the Japanese Law system.

The program provided presentations and meetings hosted by collaborating organizations, including:

  • the Secretary Division, General Secretariat of Supreme Court of Japan;
  • Aichi Bar Association (Nagoya);
  • Crossroad Japan Co., Ltd,
  • Japanese Ukrainian Culture Association (NPO JUCA);


The following members of Ukrainian delegation were:

Anatolii Yemets – Judge, Supreme Court of Ukraine,

Volodymyr Melnychuk – Judge, Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal,

Oleg Horetskyi – Attorney, Managing Partner of Goretskyy and Partners Law Firm, Kyiv.

ICEA gives special thanks to the following individuals for their wonderful presentations:

  • Masayuki Sakaniwa – Judge, Director for International Relations, Secretary Division, General Secretariat of Supreme Court of Japan,
  • Sachiyo Ido – Liaison Officer, Secretary Division, General Secretariat of Supreme Court of Japan,
  • Shigetoshi Ohta – Vice President, Aichi Bar Association,
  • Yosuke Takai – Attorney at Law, Partner of Terazawa Sogo Law Office,
  • Kiyoshi Midori and Takeshi Tamatsu – from Crossroad Japan Co., Ltd.


Ukrainian delegates also took part in several cultural and community activities, like meeting with leaders of Japanese Ukrainian Culture Association, visited museums, Japanese architectural and cultural places of interest.

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