Elena Seitz, Vice President of ICEA

Elena Seitz, Vice President of ICEA

Graduate of Rovno Pedagogical University in Ukraine, graduate of post graduate program in Public Administration at Institute of Political Science and Social Management, Kyiv, Ukraine;
Manager of Personnel Administration in Ternopol Provincial government for 13 years,
Elected leader of government workers’ trade union in Ternopol Province for 10 years, Ukraine
Graduate of technical program in Management Information System programming in 2000 year, created and managed computer and language training at IHOT center, Chicago, Illinois for 6 years.
Associate member of American Institute of Architects (AIA) signed in 2010;

Creator and Vice President of Ukrainian American College Educators ( UAACE) signed 2015;

Director of Programs at ICEA for past 14 years hosting over 60 delegations visiting conferences in the U.S.

Developed partnerships with other NGO’s and professional organizations across Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Location: Newnan, Georgia
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Contact: elenaseitz@hotmail.com